How do we use funds?

100% of every dollar goes to support our efforts to Reform Cannabis Law in Tennessee. This means lobbying at the State Capitol, in cities around the state, community outreach, and overhead. In short for Advocacy, Outreach and Operations. We need your support to do this work.

Help Reform Tennessee

Personal Info

Bitcoin Donations

You may also donate anonymously by sending bitcoins to: 12ug4Zpvg4PjM5ufuBhyLq31ugsFVjpzeP

In-kind Donations

ReformTN is happy to accept your donation of in-kind items or services. Some of the things we can use include (but certainly are not limited to):

  • Legal & Accounting services
  • Printing services
  • Marketing services
  • Office equipment
    • computers (not too old, please)
    • printers and printer ink gift cards
  • iPhone or Android phones you no longer wish to use
  • Gas or gift cards to cover travel expenses

100% of your generous gift will directly support our efforts to Reform Cannabis Law in Tennessee.

Contact us today if you have something you would like to offer.